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Olá sou gay passivo de Capanema se quiser participar dos vídeos e só entrar whatsapp(91) 98706-0759??.


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Dan Cr1

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I am a funny easy going guy who loves porn lol please comment on my videos and give me suggestions for more videos also send me a friend request love chatting with other members it turns me on I love all types of sex


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Open for anything..


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I'm student and i like to sex verymuch... I'm hot boy ... i will upload my sex video with my girlfriend


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Sex loving does it daily when woman is not on dates


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Discreet and Very Private when I close my door after the initial invitation. Educated, Hard worker on all jobs. Work related or Sex related. Should be an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL INVOLVED. NO ONE LEFT OUT FOR DRAMATICS. NOT LOOKING FOR L


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I like wearing sexy women's clothes and recorded


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I'm a tiny dicked fag that seeks exposed, humiliated and ruined online.


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im FUN NICE uninhibited BB bottom in fucking but versatile in everything else, But i do love to eat work over and play in a nice hole. Also love mutual ass play toys and fisting and have a huge toy collection to swap and use. Plus fisting im a great top and bottom love doing both . Plus i'm very good at working open and nice hole and fisting it for the first time. But i'm always ready for that hung horny top to cum ram my hole deep than just pound fuck and unload.I'm also a great kisser love lots of touching and body contact.Plus i have a very talented mouth throat and tong love to suck swallow lick and work over a nice cock and balls and into pumping cock tits balls and hole


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I am a gentle master and the owner of perverted bisexual sissy slut and slave, sissyslavejantina. Jantina is a slave being trained by me to become extremely perverted. My slut will perform any assignment and gets horny from being exposed all over the internet. If you want to see him perform perverted assignments, just send me a message with a description of the assignment and as her master I will decide if the assignment is interesting enough to expose him while executing his orders.

Dl Bttm 4 U

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gosto muito de masturbar meu pal grande


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NÃO CURTO SEXO VIRTUAL, SE NÃO TIVER AFIM DE REAL NEM CHAMA!!! . Gosta de uma boa mamada e bem gulosa? Um cuzinho apertado pra fuder ? Um rabao GG bem gostoso? Chama no PV que passo Whatsapp Sou de São Bernardo do campo SP Viciado em mamar pika!!! Tenho LOCAL ✓ Fotos apenas para amigos!!! Skype: NovinSBC


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見られ好きです。コメントなどお気軽にどうぞ。 オナネタにしてもらえると嬉しいです。 Men's only. Female's application will be rejected.


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I am Ulf Larsen, soon 66 year old Norwegian pervert exhibitionist from Oslo. I can be contacted by email on [email protected].com - open for being model in most all sorts of amateur porn for free - or me paying for being in it! Can travel over most of Europe for meetings!

Danillo Pauzudo

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hoi ik ben johan een leuke en geile man. hou van mannen,vrouwen,stelletjes en t girls. ben voor heel veel in. woon alleen en kan discreet ontvangen

Dream Gay

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Brazilian guy living in Netherlands. I’m always horny and jerking my little nut. I love all kind man specially hairy man.


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The One Boy2

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Masculine Jason

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Hot bottom boy in Paris for sexy huge top Hit me up when you’re around


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Master Baites1

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Essex dom looking for his fan base


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Me encanta el sexo es lo mejor del mundo


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I Like to enjoy the little moments, I can be your new addiction...???


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Versátil 23 anos


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C'est pas compliqué, j'aime ça me mettre à poil sur internet, me montrer en train de me branler la queue qui bande et qui éjacule et surtout, me montrer en train de me boire la pisse ou de m'arroser avec un peu partout dans l'appartement... Je me fais des vidéos à peu près tout les jours...


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Groups for additional, not forgiving meetings in the BISEX format MZHM or MMZHM. Групп секс под доп, не простив встречи в формате BISEX МЖМ или ММЖМ.


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I am actually single and bi-sexual. Using this platform to enjoy my self. Hope you like my videos!


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IDGAF about anybody ? you feel me innit


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I've payed hockey and lacrosse about my whole life you would never guess it by how I come across I'm a country boy all the way through. Just want to have a good time with good people and keep going further and getting ahead in life. Im a young man trying to put together my life plan... enough said.


ट्रांसवेस्टाइट गे आदमी: 53 साल (अमेरीका) 1.4k विजिट

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I enjoy riding my dildo, but nothing beats the real thing. New to open dating Willing and wanting to try.


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I like to masturbate and take a picture.

Sissy Sara

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I am a slutty CD with a phat ass for u to use. I am a cum dumpster, my mouth and ass are for fucking, I am only pretty when covered in spit and cum. Kick me at saracdbtmslutvb HIV- ddf STD free June 2021, COVID vaccinated


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173/62/33/0煙耐幹 找多人煙大屌1 只要是大屌TOP 愛多人煙淫就可以

Christian Hermes

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Hi folks. I’m Christian Hermès. It’s my official account⭐️ I’m porn actor and webcam model Only hard-only Sex non stop •King Cum shoot •Bigload✔️ •Exclusive video content✌ Kind Regards Christian Hermès


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1,895 फेवरेट


Ezio Santiago

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Paulo Monnteiro

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Moreno , pele branca ,cabelos pretos curto, 1.50 cm 35 kg pênis de 20 cm grosso.

Plz Cum Fuck Me

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Really want a big one to come fuck me


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Rough raw kink pig love fetish male in leather bound hard fucks fists whips

Puro Mel1

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Puro mel solteiro e carente sou passivo e ativo depende muito de quem eu fico se for ativo serei passivo se for passivo serei ativo se for os dois vou adorar


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7 फेवरेट

Ici pour faire des rencontres avec des femmes en toute simplicité, échanger, partager, donner du plaisir et en recevoir. n'hésitez pas à m'ecrire pour quoi que se soit... Au plaisir de vous lire et plus si affinité :)


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16 वीडियो - 1 फेवरेट - 1 फोटो


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Eu sou o q você quiser q eu seja, tenho 26 anos, sou paraense, versátil, adoro uma putaria e sou completamente viciado em sexo

Creampie King Lll

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10 फेवरेट

I'm Rod, in Houston. I am a PASSIONATE, WHITE male, 39yrs . ATTRACTIVE , MASCULINE, Athletic ( 6':3" , 195 lbs)..., BLESSED... have incredible Stamina. & Feel like I'm 25 . And looking to chill INTIMATELY with an ATHLETIC TYPE bruh on my Level in the HOUSTON AREA who's down with the SWIRL. (GAY- WHITE/BLACK RELATIONS W/ OUT DRAMA & BULLSHIT.....) *****Most importantly....***** I AM ONLY ATTRACTED TO WELL CONDITIONED BLACK MEN ( MASCULINE OR FEM. ) JUST Have some class. about'cha self . I'm HIV NEG.(Top / vers., very ORAL - giving & receiving -, KISSING, and very open to exploring) 7+ inches and longer is BEAUTIFUL, ... I'm a BLACK BOOTY MAN as much as black Dick. love to toss. SO a nice DICK & ASS IS POPPIN '.....I'M .... 6' 3" , 195 lbs, dark blonde, Well conditioned physically. in perfect health , tone and enormously SEXXY.....VERY AFFECTIONATE , RESPECTFUL ALMOST 8" , CUT, MEDIUM GIRTH. and handle myself REAL GOOD. I can sho ya better than i can tell ya.DONT bother if you hoping to $ play a white boi. It can't be done. BTW, I'm funny af, and known by all to be a good dude, in general. HOLLA at me if you think you qualify - Have pics ready & come right..... BLACK DUDES ONLY ...and BE IN, OR NEAR Htown.. CALL / TEXT ME @ 346.3 79.9052 email is. ..... [email protected]


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Love to make video's / photo's and put these online so others can enjoy them ;-)


लड़का: 28 साल (ब्राज़ील) 9.5k विजिट

1 वीडियो - 3 फेवरेट - 2 फोटो

Mau Alv

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13 वीडियो - 2 फेवरेट

Soy Hombre Bisexual Activo principalmente. Confieso que Disfruto del Sexo en todas y cada una de sus Facetas. Me considero un apasionado de Mente totalmente Abierta. Le entró a todo y con todo. Amante y Deseoso de Nuevas y Ricas Experiencias. Dos Reglas IMPORTANTES. 1. NO ES NO Y 2. LA EXPERIENCIA MAXIMA ES QUE TODOS DISFRUTEN GOCEN Y SIENTAN SATISFACCIÓN PLENA.


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1,900 फेवरेट - 4 फोटो

San Gil Cabballero

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13 वीडियो - 104 फेवरेट

++++No es lo mismo ser voyerista que ser mirón++++ Ü Activo Pacheco Morboso Antropólogo dedicado a temas de erotismo, disidencia y panperversión. Etnólogo dedicado a dar rienda suelta al placer de sus pulsiones humanas. Un ser humano hedonista como cualquier otro por esta página. ++++NOTA++++ De antemano les comento, todo mi contenido es privado, solo para perfiles que acepto como "amigos", y solo acepto perfiles con fotos y videos propios; así como con foto de perfil real. Entre a la pagina a compartir este morbo con cabrones afines, es decir, con banda que tampoco tema de mostrar su sexualidad. Dense carnalitos, que yo me daré con sus videos unas buenas chaquetas. (¿alguien lee esto?, si lo leíste acepto una salida contigo)


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3 वीडियो - 3 फेवरेट - 15 फोटो

Hey people just want to say I'm the guy that's completely 100% open to wherever your darkest sex desires are.. corkscrewed, trans, im up for it I love sex sucking and fucking are the best pleasures in the worlando CUM have some fun...


लड़का: 28 साल (पुर्तगाल) 10.3k विजिट

1 वीडियो

A lonely twink, looking for a guy who can control me and put me on my knees.


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12 वीडियो - 72 फेवरेट - 20 फोटो

Sou passivo, to afim de uma putaria no sigilo, faço o que quiser na cama, adoro um macho ativo #fetichista ? safado Skype. [email protected] Snapchat. luckrj22, twitter: @Luckrj1


लड़का: 25 साल (अमेरीका) 2.2k विजिट

1 वीडियो


होमो आदमी: 36 साल (अमेरीका) 2.4k विजिट

2 वीडियो

Indian Povn

लड़का: 29 साल (भारत) 7.3k विजिट

5 वीडियो

Hi!!! I'm Arush, Welcome to my Indian Povn channel. Plz subscribe my channel and watching sexy videos. I am a Soloboy South Indian boy who enjoys sex in every way. Please show me your love by commenting and liking my videos and photos. Love you all!!! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and social media !!!

Toven Campechano

लड़का: (मेक्सिको) 3.3k विजिट

25 वीडियो - 13 फोटो

contactame 45 minutos de placer scort gay activo

Jefran Morque

लड़का: 28 साल (ब्राज़ील) 7.5k विजिट

6 वीडियो - 5 फोटो

Morando na cidade de Sao Paulo Brasil, interessados em me conhecer, entrar no meu blog pessoal indicado no campo do website...


होमो आदमी: 43 साल (स्पेन)

8 वीडियो - 59 फेवरेट - 6 फोटो

Chico en pareja, la cual tiene piercing en el miembro, generalmente hago porno amateur solo pero puede que suba algo con gente sin que se les vea sus rostros


लड़का: 45 साल (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) 9.8k विजिट

40 फेवरेट - 8 फोटो

Whoop Whoop

Brisa Nela

लड़का: (ब्राज़ील) 3.2k विजिट

2 वीडियो

bem safado so pra voce


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483 फेवरेट - 112 फोटो

Hey everyone yes it's Hotbiboy47 I'm a high af, bi af, kinky big fat uncut dick of a man and an open minded, triple twister lol ? pm open to everyone.


लड़का: 43 साल (यूनाइटेड किंगडम) 3.9k विजिट

2 फेवरेट

definitely maybe!!


होमो आदमी: 29 साल (ब्राज़ील) 60.1k विजिट

1 वीडियो

Sou Bissexual, adoro uma putaria. No sexo eu curto tudo...


लड़का: (जर्मनी) 8.2k विजिट

9 वीडियो - 12 फेवरेट - 10 फोटो


लड़का: 47 साल (इटली) 11.9k विजिट

9 वीडियो - 5 फेवरेट - 47 फोटो

Slave Giorgio schiavo di Milano non mercenario eteroflessibile disponibile per essere sottomesso da Mistress Master, trans, coppie, gruppi . reale e con esperienza.


लड़का: 24 साल (पाकिस्तान) 10.8k विजिट

23 फेवरेट


लड़का: 28 साल (ब्राज़ील) 9.5k विजिट

3 वीडियो - 1 फेवरेट - 2 फोटो

A procura de pessoas para fazer conteúdo bem gostoso chama no chat te aguardo

Maximo Solo

होमो आदमी: 30 साल (हंगरी) 60.8k विजिट

20 वीडियो - 143 फोटो


लड़का: 26 साल (ब्राज़ील) 12.3k विजिट

2 वीडियो - 209 फेवरेट - 29 फोटो

Sou VERSÁTIL PASSIVO mas nada me impede de comer um pouco kkkkk SOU DEMISEXUAL. UM pouco tímido , to aqui pra conhecer pessoas novas e talvez algo mais (NÃO SOU ASSUMIDO). CASADOS NÃO skype não ! É so chamar respondo quando puder.


लड़का: 36 साल (पृथ्वी) 5k विजिट

2 वीडियो - 126 फेवरेट - 186 फोटो

I'm 34 happy person I love to ride my Harley's


होमो जोड़े: 44 साल (अमेरीका) 14.7k विजिट

4 वीडियो - 11 फोटो

I am a we . It's my boyfriend, DJ and I .